What If You Fail?

Since Your Childhood Or till now, You had been listening from your parents, from your elders that if You will become this You will get this or that. They had told You that if You get this much percentage, we will get you a present or something. But what if You fail. No one is Flawless, No one is perfect. So what if we will fail , what will we have to do?? No one tells us That.

About 6 lac cadets give NDA entrance Exam but only about 6,000 pass that.. What about those 5,94,000 have they No future?

This blog is especially about these 5,94,000 cadets. Well Don’t demotivate Yourself. You are not some sort of a loser or failure or something, No never! Your hard work defines that. Success is not everything but trying your best is Everything! Don’t worry that what others will say about You. They make fun of You coz what is present in You is absent in them. They envy You for your hard-work. Always remember that you are answerable only to God. And the Almighty knows how much arduous work you had done! So relax. Learn From Your mistakes , improve yourself and try Again!!